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Your Jewish First Steps

A guide for Parents Raising Jewish Children:

The Early Childhood Years

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Your Jewish Next Steps

A guide for Parents Raising Jewish Children:

After the Early Childhood Years

General Parenting Sites



Offers answers to many questions families have about what is special about Jewish life and how it differs from other religious traditions.



Family Education Network: a parenting and education resource.




Advice and network for interfaith families who seek information about the Jewish community and living in an interfaith relationship.

The Whole Family Center offers parenting and family advice from experts and other parents. Useful tips and solutions to everyday family issues.


Raising Digital Natives

Raising Digital Natives offers advice and insights about how to raise children who live in a technological world.

Jewish Parenting Sites


Jewish special education info for parents raising children with special needs.


Bible Belt Balabusta

Being Jewish in the Buckle of the Bible Belt is always an adventure.


Creative Jewish Mom

Many crafty ideas for Jewish celebrations.


Homeshuling - A Jewish Parenting Blog

Insights to help build a Jewish home and family.

The primary Jewish genealogy site that assists families in tracing and preserving their family history and roots.


Kveller is a website for those who want to add a Jewish twist to their parenting.



A virtual community for Jewish families with many helpful tips on Jewish parenting. The virtual communities provide an opportunity for groups of parents to come together online, encountering each other and their Jewish identities. New groups start throughout the year.


Parenting by the Parshah

Engaging and accessible video summaries of the weekly torah portion, geared to parents.


My Jewish Learning

My Jewish Learning is a transdenominational website of Jewish information and education geared toward learners of all religious and educational backgrounds.


PJ Library Beyond the Books

Parenting ideas inspired by the world of PJ Library books.

URJ for Parents

When you learn with your children, you are a model for lifelong Jewish learning. The resources here are designed to help you learn as adults and as a family.

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Grandparents to the Rescue

A how-to-guide on coping with sheltering in place