Synagogue School
Special Needs Education Coordinator 


Reports to: Senior Director


FTE: 125 Part Time (up to 5 hours weekly when schools are in session)


According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in six children between the ages of 3 and 17 (or about 15%) have one or more developmental disabilities.*


Special Needs Education Coordinator job duties:


  1. Serve as special education coordinator in northern Palm Beach County and Martin County (Temple Beit HaYam, Stuart, FL, Temple Beth Am, Jupiter, FL, Temple Beth David and Temple Judea, Palm Beach Gardens, FL) as needed.


    * Work with school directors to create and nurture a school                           environment of inclusion.

    * Work with school directors and teachers to identify and to learn about
       students with learning disabilities (with or without IEP or 504 plans).
    * Recommend appropriate interventions for students with disabilities.
    * Provide teachers with strategies and learning activities to apply in the 
    * Work directly with student(s) as needed.


 2. Communicate with families of students with disabilities as needed.


 3. Provide training to synagogue schoolteachers as needed.

 4. Work with CJE Director of Special Needs Education and Yad Hebrew School           faculty, along with Technology Integration Educator, in planning and

     facilitating special education in Jewish schools in the Palm Beaches.

 5. Maintain monthly log of teaching, consultations, communications, and 



Required Skills:

Passionate educator with direct experience in the area of special needs education, formal or informal Jewish education; familiarity synagogue school education and early childhood Jewish education; ability to work both independently and cooperatively within a team-oriented atmosphere; ability to motivate others. Should possess an active understanding of the Jewish world, religion, tradition, and values as well as general pedagogy. Hebrew language skills preferred.



Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Jewish Studies, Special Education or related field. 

Preferred: Master’s Degree in Special Education.



To submit an application, please e-mail resume and cover letter to Lynne Lieberman at


President &

Chief Executive Officer


Reports to: Friedman CJE Board Chair

FTE: Full Time


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The Friedman Commission for Jewish Education (Friedman CJE) is a non-profit agency located in Palm Beach County. The vision of the agency is “a vibrant, engaged community energized by the beauty of Jewish life and learning.” The agency’s mission is “CJE enriches and strengthens Jewish life and education throughout the Greater Palm Beaches.”


The President & CEO shall have demonstrated leadership and motivation for staff and volunteers in order to fulfill the mission of the Friedman CJE. The President & CEO reports to the Board Chair and collaborates with the Board while communicating openly with the staff to provide a cohesive and cooperative work environment for all staff. S/he will be responsible for the administration and management of all operations of the Friedman CJE, and implementation of all goals, including long- and short-term planning, fundraising, budgeting and communal activities and other responsibilities as established by them, in conjunction with the board.


The President & CEO shall be familiar with Jewish traditions and values, and have an understanding of contemporary Jewish life in terms of demographics, patterns of communal activity and the roles of Jewish communal institutions and agencies in today’s world. 


A minimum of five years management experience is required. Once hired, the President & CEO must live in our service catchment area. 


Ideally, the President & CEO has earned an advanced academic degree in Judaic Studies, or has commensurate experience in Jewish communal service. S/he has acquired a proven track record of successful management skills and is able to lead and motivate staff in collaborative planning and the achievement of measurable goals.  


The successful candidate shall have demonstrated strengths, expertise and success in long and short term planning, administration, fundraising, and the engagement of all stakeholders in Jewish education. Additionally, the President & CEO shall have demonstrated successful oversight of organizational budgets, and a high degree of computer literacy.


The President & CEO shall have demonstrated the capacity to develop creative initiatives in Jewish education planning and programming, and to participate with leadership in developing and articulating a vision for the future of the Friedman CJE for Jewish Education. 



The President & CEO has responsibilities in five major areas:


1. Vision and Long-Range Planning


• Together with the Board, the President & CEO is involved in the development of vision and long-range plans, and s/he oversees the implementation of these plans.   

• The President & CEO energizes the diverse Jewish groups in the community around a shared passion for Jewish education.



2. Community Outreach 


• The President & CEO is the principal ambassador of the Friedman CJE to the community and actively promotes Jewish Education and Engagement. 

• The President & CEO shall maintain a close working relationship with day schools, congregational schools, and synagogues to understand their needs and to assess, coordinate, and improve Jewish education in our community. S/he ensures that the community provides opportunities for the professional growth of educators and promotes the highest quality program models and curricula for Jewish institutions.

• The President & CEO is responsible for heightening visibility for the mission and programs of Friedman CJE in the community, communicating broadly the value of Friedman CJE’s programs.  The President & CEO works with the appropriate staff to ensure the functionality and content of the website is up-to-date, and that social media are used effectively in communicating with the Jewish community. 



3. Inter-Institutional Relationships 


• The President & CEO creates and sustains partnerships and synergies between the Friedman CJE, the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County and its partner agencies, area synagogues, and relevant local, national, and international organizations. 

• The President & CEO  recognizes that the structure of the  relationship between Friedman CJE and the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County  is a board responsibility, including all terms and conditions to occupancy, signage and similar issues.  


4. Fundraising


• The President & CEO has the obligation to personally solicit donors on behalf of the Friedman CJE and ensure that all necessary and appropriate materials and resources are available to the development department. 

• The President & CEO is responsible for the fundraising success of the Friedman CJE and will work with the development department, the Board, and the staff, to establish and attain CJE fundraising goals. 

• The President & CEO works with staff, the Board, the Federation and the  community at large to meet fundraising goals as established by the board of directors. 

• The President & CEO leads Friedman CJE efforts to secure gifts, bequests, endowments, grants and other sources of funds, and solicits major donors to encourage their support for Jewish education.



5.  Day-to-day Operation of the Friedman CJE


• The President & CEO shall supervise, and be responsible for the following:


-Professional and Administrative Staff:  The President & CEO is responsible for the hiring of professional staff, providing updated job descriptions, annual performance reviews and opportunities for professional development. These duties include supervisory meetings and leading staff meetings.


-Finance and Business Management:  The President & CEO develops and           monitors the annual budget in collaboration with the business manager, treasurer, and Budget and Finance Committee. S/he supervises grants administration, oversees CJE participation in community funding allocations, and accounts for CJE monies and property. The President & CEO is responsible for reporting immediately any suspected financial anomalies or problems.


-Programs: The President & CEO evaluates current programs, assists in the development of new programs, monitors and directs the work of program staff and volunteers. 


-Marketing:  The President & CEO shall oversee the marketing and public relations of CJE and its programs and services.  


-Evaluation:  The President & CEO will receive and participate in periodic performance reviews. Designated members of the Board will utilize the review as an opportunity to reinforce and/or redirect the President & CEO’s contribution to the agency and community.


To submit an application, please e-mail resume and cover letter to Jeanne Shepherd at